Vildhästar Art Nouveau 1

2 450 kr4 250 kr

Size: 48x84cm incl. frame / 35x70cm excl. frame (WxH)

Edition: 50
Printing technique: Fine art printing, Giclée-print
Signed & numbered edition
Per Josephson

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2 450 kr
4 250 kr



VILDHÄSTAR Art Nouveau 1

Per Josephson brings the opportunistic era, la Belle Époque, to his Wild horse universe. During the end of the 1800s the creative life in Paris was exploding. Nothing was impossible and everybody aimed for the stars, new ground breaking inventions took place and in the artistic surroundings a new style was born; Art Nouveau. Colors, patterns and more of everything, nothing was too grandios and there was no boundaries. Artists like Toulouse-Lautrec and Alphonse Mucha was the greatest names during this champagne blowing days.