Vildhästar K02 – Graphic sheet including white frame and glass

3 850 kr

Size: 74x43cm incl. frame (WxH)
Edition: 25
Price: 3850EK
Printing technique: Fine art printing, Giclée-print
White wooden frame and glass
Signed & numbered edition
Per Josephson

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In 1903 Wassily Kandinsky painted the Blue Rider. The painting was very naive and kind of childish and far away from common style at this époque of time. The painting was refused at all exhibitions and salons which of course made Kandinsky furies. In 1911 Kandinsky and some fellow painters founded the art group called “Der Blaue Reiter” which become the most interesting art movement during this period. The blue colour, childish drawings and abstract paintings was the very foundation of the Blue Riders philosophy. One of many quotes by Kandinsky is: “Everything start with a dot”

K02 is an homage to Kandinsky and Der Blue Rieter